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Am I Listening?

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously without finding fault, and it will be given to him” James 1: 5 – New International Version

Photo Credit: born1945 flickr.com

Photo Credit: born1945 flickr.com

My march down the stairs to the coffee maker was dutiful, my seat-taking on the living room couch with bible was intentional, but I felt no joy, no purpose. “So much to do today – broken lawn mower, dirty bathrooms, undone paperwork”,  my sluggish thoughts oozed onto the pages of my prayer journal.

Then I looked out at the spring rain and saw a robin on the lawn. I noticed his brilliant plumage; a monarch-robe red belly, velvety black back, and cheerful yellow legs.  He ran straight toward my window, skipping quickly along until I could see the white ring around his eye.

Suddenly he stopped and then cocked his head down to the ground, paused for a fraction of a second,  “Pow!” he thrust his strong beak down into the lawn and came back up with a resisting earthworm. He repeated this procedure all along the stretch of lawn close by my window seat – first turning down his “ear” to the ground, then making the attack. “Oh!” I realized, “That robin is listening for worms!”

And then God spoke to my heart:  “Listen to my voice this morning about what to do out of that impossible list.”

It is true – God loves to be asked “What shall I do next?”

When I asked Him where to start, He answered, “the laundry”.  That seemed so simple, yet listening to God’s voice before I jumped into the day brought me a measure of order and  productivity.

“Robin in the rainSuch a saucy fellow. Robin in the rain. Mind your socks of yellowRunning in the garden on your nimble feet, Digging for your dinner with your long strong beak. Robin in the rain,You don’t mind the weather. Showers always make you gay. Bet the worms are wishing you would stay at home, Robin on a rainy day — don’t get your feet wet, Robin on a rainy day! ” (Raffi –“Robin on a Rainy Day” from Singable Songs for the Very Young)

Our Heavenly Father is generous with His wisdom.


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